Save The SNkaes - King Cobra Symposium

Save The Snakes at the King Cobra Symposium

Join Save The Snakes at the first International King Cobra Symposium in the Netherlands on October 6th-8th, 2017!

The King Cobra Symposium will feature experts, herpetologists, toxicologists and biologists from all over the world to talk about the important issues in king cobra biology and conservation. The Symposium aims to ignite cooperation of all parties as well as raise funds towards the preservation of the superior species of serpents. Never before has such a prestigious line up come together to make an important step in furthering research and protection of one of the most iconic snakes in the world. Save The Snakes will have a table at the Symposium and our participation at this event will greatly expand our knowledge of long-term, successful king cobra conservation efforts. We are honored to have this opportunity to announce our own work to a large audience of wildlife conservationists and snake enthusiasts.

Please attend the King Cobra Symposium and join us for this fantastic event dedicated to the conservation of the king cobra.

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