King Cobra Habitat Survey and Community Engagement Program Currently Underway

The Eastern Ghats are a discontinuous range of mountains along India’s eastern coast. This vast landscape harbors an assortment of habitats and an incredible diversity of wildlife. However, king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) populations are poorly studied in the Eastern Ghats and more information is needed to accurately address the threats these snakes face in the region. To further understand the distribution of king cobras in the Eastern Ghats, Save The Snakes conducted habitat surveys and interviewed community members about the presence of king cobras near their villages.

Save The Snakes India Program Director Murthy Kantimahanti interviews a community member about the presence of king cobras near his village. 

The Save The Snakes team discovered two isolated and unexplored patches of forest with thick vegetation and mountain streams that support king cobra populations. Unfortunately, king cobras have been killed at these locations. Our team visited these sites to survey the habitat and interview locals about their experiences with king cobras.

Can you help us conduct more habitat surveys in the Eastern Ghats? Consider sponsoring our next expedition!

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