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Hook-nosed Sea Snake Awareness Campaign in Andhra Pradesh

In early April, the Save The Snakes team visited a coastal village in central Andhra Pradesh where local people have a tendency to kill hook-nosed sea snakes when they become entangled in their fishing nets. As part of our on-going snake conservation campaign, we organized an awareness program in the village to enlighten them on issues like the ecological importance of snakes and snake bite treatment.

The hook-nosed sea snake (Enhydrina schistosa) is not endangered, but it is an amazing species worthy of protection! In this part of India, the hook-nosed sea snake is locally called “valugudu pamu”. All species of sea snakes are highly venomous and most of them are docile by nature. Instead of risking lives by trying to kill the snake and increasing the chances of getting bitten, it would be wiser and safer to either leave them on their own or drive them back into the sea with a stick from a safe distance.

sea snake, hook-nosed sea snake
The hook-nosed sea snake (Enhydrina schistosa)

We continually work towards changing the minds of people to adopt snake-friendly behaviors through appropriate interventions. Please help us continue this important work. You can support Save The Snakes by donating, volunteering or spreading the word about our snake conservation efforts. Thanks for saving the snakes!

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