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Nag Panchami – Good For Snakes?

Held annually in July or August, Nag Panchami is a traditional Hindu festival originally aimed at worshiping snakes by promoting a deep respect towards them. For generations, people have worshiped snakes as idols in temples and would pray for their well being. However, cultural evolution has led to a complete disregard of this very objective and manifested into a violent act of handling live snakes and force feeding them with milk and eggs. This is unfortunate and leads to great suffering of snakes. Not only is it stressful, in some countries, like India, it is is illegal to capture, display and kill snakes.

Save The Snakes strongly urges everyone not to participate in any celebrations that end up killing snakes. We would encourage people to learn more about their ecological importance and natural history to dispel many myths surrounding them. Garnering a respect and appreciation for these largely misunderstood creatures is one of our core objectives besides protecting them through scientifically driven conservation programs.

nagpanchmi, india, cobras
Credit: Humane Society International India

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