The International King Cobra Symposium was a Huge Success!

The first International King Cobra Symposium was recently held on October 6th and 7th, 2017, in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. The Symposium gathered together experts, herpetologists, toxicologists, biologists and snake enthusiasts from all over the world interested in the ecology and conservation of the king cobra. Save The Snakes had been invited to table and share our work at this incredible event. Our team gained valuable insight and knowledge from dedicated wildlife conservationists working to protect this amazing species of snake. The Save The Snakes Team could not have attended the King Cobra Symposium without the generous contributions from our dedicated donors and supporters. Thank you for making this opportunity a reality!


Thanks to Herpetofauna Foundation for hosting this fantastic event and we greatly appreciate the exceptional opportunity to network and learn from leaders in king cobra conservation.


During the symposium, presentations were given about king cobra ecology, current research, how to engage communities to care about and participate in snake conservation, and much more!


Conservationist Ajay Giri presented his work about the ecology, study and conservation efforts of wild king cobras in Central Western Ghats of India. Ajay’s work has been critical for protecting king cobra populations, as he has rescued over 250 king cobras from human-snake conflict situations.


The symposium even featured a few famous figures in the world of herpetology. The “Venom Doc”, Bryan Fry, spoke about how safety is the highest priority in regards to working with venomous snakes.


Conservationist Romulus Whitaker spoke about his past, current and future king cobra conservation efforts.


Dr. Colin Strine from Sakaerat SERS, Thailand, explained what we know about king cobra ecology and what we can do to mitigate human-king cobra conflict. Dr. Strine also explained where we go from here to protect king cobra populations around the world.


Our team has gained so much over the last few days as we networked with experts in king cobra research and conservation and we met many new supporters of our work. Special thanks to the Houston Zoo and to the generous individuals who contributed to our GoFundMe campaign. You helped us get to the Netherlands for this incredible experience. Now Save The Snakes moves forward, better prepared, to continue with our own snake conservation efforts and we are truly driven and inspired! Together we can Save The Snakes! Thank you!

Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society Founder Murthy Kantimahanti has a few words of gratitude for our dedicated supporters regarding the International King Cobra Symposium.


The Save The Snakes Team at the King Cobra Symposium in the Netherlands! From right to left: STS Board Member Choti Singh, EGWS Founder Murthy Kantimahanti and STS Executive Director Michael Starkey.

For more news and updates from the King Cobra Symposium, follow Save The Snakes on Twitter by searching #KingCobraSymposium to learn all about the dedicated conservation efforts for protecting the most iconic snake species in the world!

We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for helping Save The Snakes get to the Netherlands for the King Cobra Symposium:

– Laura Patterson

– Laura Gruber

– Sean Brown

– Choti Singh

– Geoff Stier

– Rani Velu

– Maurice Simon

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