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Another Snake Saver Joins our Team in the Eastern Ghats

Save The Snakes is excited to announce that Bala Raju has joined our volunteer snake rescue team in the Eastern Ghats of India!

In the rural communities surrounding Sompeta in Andhra Pradesh, Bala rescues and relocates snakes that have been found near or even inside people’s homes. Sometimes he relocates as many as ten snakes per week! Using improvised objects and years of snake-handling experience, he has been providing a service for his community by rescuing snakes that may potentially come into conflict with people. By joining the Save The Snakes Team, Bala has been given professional snake handling tools and will be trained to conduct our snake education and awareness program in the region. Volunteer snake rescuers not only educate and empower communities about safe snake rescue and relocation, but they also teach snakebite first aid, snake ecology and conservation. Bala is now part of a network of individuals who can immediately help Save The Snakes mitigate human-snake conflict in the Eastern Ghats.

snake conservation, volunteer, india
After a successful Russel’s viper relocation, Bala Raju shakes hands with Save The Snakes Co-Founder Murthy Kantimahanti.

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