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Save The Snakes Co-Founder Nominated for the Future For Nature Award

Big news! Murthy Kantimahanti, Save The Snakes Co-Founder and Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society Founder, has been nominated for the Future For Nature Award!

The Future For Nature Foundation supports young, talented and ambitious conservationists committed to protecting species of wild animals and plants. The goal of the Foundation is the protection of species of wild animals and plants and the conservation of nature in general. Future For Nature aims to stimulate a new generation of nature conservation leaders by providing support to young, highly committed and talented conservationists. This prestigious award has supported conservationists and their life’s work around the world.

If Murthy is selected to receive the Future for Nature Award, it will be used to train local village youth on issues pertaining to venomous/non-venomous snake identification, snake bites and first aid, with the intention to develop a network of citizen scientists through structured training programs and workshops within the local communities. Field assistants from the local communities will be involved on part-time basis to engage in conservation activities and snake bite management practices. A first ever Snake Education Center will be established in the Eastern Ghats using the funds. As the project progresses, together Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society and Save The Snakes will explore any income generation practices to improve rural livelihoods of the local communities in the Eastern Ghats of India.

Murthy’s nomination has also been featured in The Hindu Newspaper.

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