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2017: A Spectacular Year for Save The Snakes

A special message from Save The Snakes Co-Founder and India Program Director Murthy Kantimahanti:

2017 has been an incredibly progressive year for Save The Snakes in India. We launched a massive education campaign to impart awareness about various aspects pertaining to snake conservation that targeted multiple stakeholders from villages and towns in the Northern Eastern Ghats region. Our local conservation partner in India is the Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society, which successfully collaborated with Houston Zoo and Sea World Busch Gardens based in the USA that supported our ongoing conservation efforts in India. We rescued so many snakes from human settlements and trained two local biologists in snake rescue and release techniques. We attended the first ever King Cobra Symposium and I was nominated for the prestigious Future For Nature Award, which if granted will greatly accelerate and expand our snake conservation efforts in the Eastern Ghats. We have had many accomplishments this year and we could not have done it without your support.

We have big plans for the New Year! We aim to target more problem sites across our project site where there has been a rise in the human-snake negative interactions and work with the local communities to mitigate conflicts and protect critical habitats. We will initiate a first ever social survey in the region to understand people’s attitudes towards snakes and identify crucial areas for their conservation out of this study. We are also planning to develop free educational resources for poor tribal school children who have no access to proper study materials. We will be aiming to engage more people from local communities in our conservation efforts. Besides, we will be surveying for potential field sites in the Eastern Ghats for establishing a first ever Snake Education Center.

You can continue to support Save The Snakes by donating, volunteering or spreading the word about our snake conservation efforts. Thank you!

STS-Murthy-Eastern-GhatsSave The Snakes Co-Founder Murthy Kantimahanti in prime king cobra habitat in the Eastern Ghats of India

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