Economic Livelihood Program Begins in the Eastern Ghats

In a remote village in the Northern Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh, India, Save The Snakes Project Partner, the Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society, recently launched a new initiative to train local communities in preparing terracotta jewellery. While all community members are welcomed to participate, this program is the experimental period for the creation a women’s cooperative. The goal of the cooperative is to offer women in rural communities an economical livelihood which provides an income for their families. If this initial phase is successful, we will expand the program to make gifts that can not only be sold locally to tourists, but also to USA and European markets.tribal learning 1Save The Snakes programs are implemented in rural locations close to wilderness areas where there is a high incidence of human-snake encounters and rich snake diversity. Local communities are the main stakeholders for our work and our conservation efforts rely on deep-rooted and positive partnerships with villages in the region. To ensure the long-term impacts of our snake conservation efforts, Save The Snakes addresses the challenge of human livelihoods. Our programs require close attention to the human context and we actively explore ways to benefit the communities we work with in order to protect snake populations and their ecosystems.

tribal pic 3Interested in some beautiful terracotta jewellery for yourself? Please contact us. We will update you on the status of this program and inform you about how you can support it.





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