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Education is the Key to Save The Snakes

In order to protect king cobra populations and reduce human-snake conflict, education is truly the most important aspect of our work. To accomplish our mission, we organize awareness workshops, social media campaigns and community outreach programs in identified sites throughout the Eastern Ghats region of India. These programs teach community members of the ecological importance of snakes, identification of venomous vs non-venomous snake species, precautionary measures to avoid snakebites, and first aid and treatment in the event of a snakebite. These programs are vital to the success of our long-term conservation initiatives.

Last week in Visakhapatnam, Save The Snakes Program Partner, Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society, conducted an interactive wildlife workshop! The workshop was located at a city school and included information about snake ecology, conservation and awareness. They also learned about the wildlife of the Eastern Ghats as part of their on-going school education programs. After the presentation, the students received Save The Snakes stickers and educational materials. More than 150 students attended the event and their response was overwhelming!


Did you know you can personally help our team visit more schools throughout the Eastern Ghats of India? When you donate to Save The Snakes, let us know that you want your donation directed towards our school programs! As always, we greatly appreciate your support and dedication to Save The Snakes.

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