On World Snake Day, Give Thanks for Snake Rescuers

Happy World Snake Day!

Celebrated on July 16th, World Snake Day raises awareness for the role of snakes in the environment and it encourages our society to appreciate these truly amazing animals. All next week, Save The Snakes will take action to support our dedicated Conservation Partners in South Asia, who save snakes every day!

Our Conservation Partners provide an invaluable service to their community, by rescuing and relocating snakes that have been found near or even inside people’s homes. Sometimes they rescue as many as ten snakes per week! Snake rescuers educate and empower community members about safe snake rescue and relocation, but they also teach snakebite first aid, snake ecology and conservation.


These Snake Rescue Teams are an essential part of a network of individuals who fulfill Save The Snakes’ mission to protect threatened snake populations and mitigate human-snake conflict. Their tireless efforts are truly remarkable and inspiring!

To increase the capacity of their work, we are gathering donated items for their snake rescue efforts. Can you help us get the needed items? Learn how here.


Thank you for your appreciation of snakes and for your support of the dedicated individuals who save them every day. Our Team Members in India, Nepal and the USA are incredibly grateful.

Happy World Snake Day!