A Story About Snakes & The People Who Risk Their Lives To Save Them

Save The Snakes is proud to announce that our organization and Czech-based film production company Living Zoology Film Studio have partnered together to film and produce the ground-breaking documentary SNAKE RESCUE CALL.

SNAKE RESCUE CALL is the incredible true story of wildlife conservationists who work to solve human-snake conflict in their communities while risking their own lives to protect some of India’s most dangerous snake species.

Watch The Trailer

The film will debut October 2019. If you are interested in large group screenings of SNAKE RESCUE CALL for an institution, university or corporate event, licensing options will become available once the film finishes production. Contact us for additional information.

Special Thanks

SNAKE RESCUE CALL could not have been made possible without the support, guidance and technical assistance from the following organizations:

Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society
Agumbe Rainforest Research Station
Gerry Martin Project