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Women and Serpents: Leaders in Snake Conservation and Research

Women around the world play an important role in conservation and we at Save The Snakes recognise and support the work that they do. Many of these women are doing incredible work directly or indirectly with snakes and to highlight their work, we have started an exciting project ‘Women and Serpents: Leaders in Snake Conservation and Research‘.

The project aims to highlight women leaders that work with snakebite, snake conservation, snake research to communicate and educate others about the importance of snakes. Snakes play a key role in our ecosystems and these women are doing their best to mitigate conflict with snakes and create awareness about them. By sharing their stories we hope to inspire people, especially women, around the world to pursue roles in herpetology and work with and/or for snakes.

To encourage future women leaders in snake conservation, Save The Snakes will compliment this program by honoring the accomplishments of an exceptional women snake conservationist with the Emerging Women Leaders in Snake Conservation and Research Award. The award will be announced on International Women’s Day (March 8th, 2020).

Keep an eye out for our interviews with some of these incredible women!