The Save The Snakes Advisory Committee is an international team of herpetologists, educators, policy makers and naturalists dedicated to protecting the world’s snake species and furthering the wildlife conservation goals of Save The Snakes. The following members and affiliated organizations of Save The Snakes help us with technical guidance, field assistance and intellectual input.

Save The Snakes -Timm Juul Jensen

Timm Juul Jensen
Ringsted, Denmark

Timm Juul Jensen holds a B.Sc. in Biology from Copenhagen University specializing in Macroecology and Biogeography, and a M.Sc. in Biology from Aalborg University specializing in Herpetology. His main interests are herpetology and especially the conservation of snakes. Timm’s academic research has focused on quantifying international exploitation of snakes and to supply policy makers with results to base conservation decisions on. He has over ten years of experience in reptile husbandry and breeding. Timm has extensive field work experience in West Africa where he conducted research on quantifying the amount of snakes hunted for bushmeat. To learn more about Timm’s snake conservation efforts, connect with him on Linked In or view his work that was featured by National Geographic.

Save The Snakes-Kathaoon Khalil

Dr. Kathayoon Khalil
Seattle, Washington, USA

Kathayoon Khalil, PhD is the Principal Evaluator for the Seattle Aquarium. Prior to joining the Aquarium, Kathayoon was the Director of Evaluation at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. She received her PhD in Learning Sciences and Technology Design from Stanford University, studying the use of social network analysis to understand how innovation spreads among the zoo and aquarium community.

Kathayoon started her career at as a teen volunteer at the Oregon Zoo and quickly developed a passion for wildlife and conservation. Through over a decade of work in zoo education, Kathayoon has implemented authentic approaches to evaluating visitor learning, including attitude and behavior changes that may have resulted from their visit. She has consulted on education and evaluation for a variety of zoos and aquariums throughout the country and serves as the champion of the AZA’s educational research and evaluation initiative. Kathayoon received her Masters of Environmental Science degree from the Yale School of Forestry and her Bachelors in Organismal Biology from Claremont McKenna College and is an alumna of the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders program as well as an instructor for Project Dragonfly at Miami University of Ohio.

Save-The-Snakes-AndrewDursoDr. Andrew Durso
Jena, Germany

Andrew Durso was born in New York and grew up catching snakes in North Carolina. He earned a B.S. in Ecology from the University of Georgia in 2009, an M.S. in Biology from Eastern Illinois University in 2011, and a Ph.D. in Ecology from Utah State University in 2016. He writes a blog about snakes called ‘Life is Short, but Snakes are Long’. For more information about Andrew’s research, view his current list of publications here.

Save-The-Snakes-Giulia-RicciardiGiulia Ricciardi
Florence, Italy

Giulia Ricciardi is a biologist, based in Florence, Italy. After earning a BSc in Biology at the University of Florence, she moved to Belgium and pursued a MSc in Biology with a specialization in Herpetology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. While studying and doing research, she got hands-on experience on reptile and amphibian husbandry at an animal facility, where she also had the opportunity to organize events to spread awareness about the importance of herpetofauna and bridge the gap between people and these often-misunderstood animals. Her early research mainly focused on animal behaviour and conservation. Currently, while still minding for those topics, her interests lie in snake antivenom research and in finding solutions to decrease the impact of snakebites worldwide.

To learn more about Giulia’s research activity, connect to her on LinkedIn or Research Gate.

Lachesis acrochordaJaime Culebras
Quito, Ecuador

Born in Cáceres, Spain, and a resident of Ecuador, Jaime Culebras is a biologist and professional photographer who dedicates his efforts to conservation and environmental education. He holds a masters in Environmental Education and another one in Biodiversity and Conservation in Tropical Areas. He has described six new species of frogs to science and he participates in multiple conservation and photography projects, like against illegal trade in wildlife, protection of amphibian and reptiles of the Choco rainforest and a reduction of snakebites accident, specially in South American. His photographic and scientific projects have been published in prestigious journals and he has received awards from numerous international photography contests such as: Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Big Picture Photo Competition, Golden Turtle, Montphoto, GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, among others. To learn more about Jaime’s work, please visit his website.

Patrick Kinyatta Malonza Holding Psammophis orientalis_Kwale KenyaDr. Patrick Kinyata Malonza
Nairobi, Kenya

As a biodiversity conservation biologist, taxonomist and a researcher, Dr. Patrick Kinyata Malonza works to further his skills in order to discover integrated natural resource management options that can save fast disappearing biological resources without compromising local peoples’ livelihoods. He has completed a Ph.D. in Natural Science at Johannes Gutenberg University-Mainz, a M.Sc. in Biodiversity at Addis Ababa University and a B.Sc. Wildlife management at Moi University. His research interests are mainly on reptile and amphibian taxonomy, biogeography and community ecology. In addition to these broad fields, he is specifically involved in public education and awareness on the importance of conserving snakes, snakebite management and prevention as well as the protection of key dangerous snakes that as a result of fear, traditional beliefs and perceptions are indiscriminately killed on sight in many rural areas.

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