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At Save The Snakes, we recognize and understand how connecting people to nature can be a means of protecting wildlife and wild places. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that Save The Snakes will lead another ecotour to Costa Rica in 2022!

The Save The Snakes Costa Rica Ecotour (August 12 – 23, 2022) will encompass the rainforest, cloud forest, beautiful beaches, and an abundance of opportunities to find and photograph snakes and other wildlife species in their natural habitat. The ecotour has been developed by Save The Snakes Founder and Executive Director Michael Starkey, who for over eight years, has organized and led ecotours to Belize, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. Costa Rica has an incredible array of biodiversity, landscapes and ecosystems. Costa Rica is home to 138 known snake species all within a very small geographical area. There are lots of snakes to be found, making Costa Rica a perfect place for a Save The Snakes Ecotour. This ecotour combines sustainability with personal comfort, as we will stay in first-class ecolodges that prioritize protecting the environment and creating an unforgettable guest experience. Most importantly, you will discover how this ecotour supports local communities, preserves habitat and protects wildlife populations.

Join Save The Snakes for the trip of a lifetime!

Trip Highlights

  • Travel by boat up winding rivers and through pristine rainforest canals to observe wildlife in Tortuguero on the Caribbean coast
  • Explore pristine rainforest and at night discover nocturnal wildlife in the Boca Tapada region
  • Relax on a beautiful, warm sandy beach on the Pacific Coast and look for dolphins and migrating humpback whales
  • Hike in the mountainous region of San Gerardo de Dota and search for the resplendent quetzal, arguably the most beautiful bird in the Americas
  • Experience the vibrant culture of the city of San Jose and visit the Instituto Clodomiro Picado, the world’s leading producer of snake antivenom
  • Meet dedicated wildlife conservationists who are working to save some of the most amazing and iconic wildlife species found in Costa Rica

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      Why Travel with Save The Snakes?

      save-the-snakes-costa-rica-7If you decide to travel with Save The Snakes, all proceeds from this ecotour support our global snake conservation efforts, enabling us to protect snakes and mitigate human-snake conflict around the world. Your participation not only helps our conservation programs, it directly benefits the communities that actively protect the wildlife habitats we visit.

      The price per traveler is $3,499. Your ecotour payment will cover all first-class lodging, delicious meals, comfortable in-country transportation, park entrance fees and world-class tour guides and their scientific expertise.

      Important Information

      During the Save The Snakes Ecotour, we will have the wonderful opportunity to witness many amazing wildlife species in Costa Rica. However, as snakes are incredibly cryptic animals, we cannot guarantee that you will see your favorite Costa Rican snake species in the wild. Please know that with the expertise and experience of our incredible guides, you will definitely see some amazing wildlife… including snakes!

      Furthermore, this ecotour is designed to experience snakes, undisturbed, in their natural habitat. This is not a photography or “herping” trip. No animals will be manipulated for photography purposes. Under no circumstances will any participant handle venomous snakes.

      Lastly, wildlife enthusiasts of all kinds are welcomed to join this trip, but you must be 18 years or older to participate.

      The group size is 12 participants and we expect this trip to fill up fast. After you contact us, we will be in touch with you right away!

      Thank you for your interest in the Save The Snakes Costa Rica Ecotour. We look forward to sharing this experience with you!

      Pura Vida!

      save-the-snakes-costa-rica-13Photos generously provided by Save The Snakes 2019 Ecotourist and Wildlife Photographer George Quiroga.