Globally, snake habitat is threatened. Each year, an estimated 7.3 million hectares (18 million acres) of forest are cleared, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization. To date, about half of the world’s tropical forests have been cleared. To protect snake populations, it is critical that we secure the ecosystems that they depend on.

Habitat Destruction in the Eastern Ghats, India

Increased habitat destruction from mining and unsustainable agriculture practices further threaten snake populations and a lack of appropriate conservation measures are in place to protect the biodiversity of the Eastern Ghats. Baseline data of king cobras in the Eastern Ghats is rudimentary, requiring further study to address this snake’s conservation needs before the current threats extirpate this iconic species from the region. There is an urgent need to work with communities to reduce conflict between humans and snakes that will protect the king cobra and aid in conserving the biodiversity of the Eastern Ghats.

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