Save The Snakes works to protect and conserve the iconic King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah). The King Cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world and is celebrated in cultures throughout Southeast Asia. According to the IUCN, King Cobras are listed as a vulnerable species and their populations are thought to be in decline. The King Cobra’s notoriety and conservation need make it a perfect flagship ship species. Save The Snakes rallies behind this beautiful snake in order to support our snake conservation efforts in India.

snakes of india, eastern ghats
King Cobras populations are threatened by habitat destruction, persecution and the over-harvesting of individuals for skin, food, pets, and especially traditional medicine.


In the Eastern Ghats, the indiscriminate killings of snakes, like the charismatic King Cobra, occur at an alarming rate due to fear and ignorance. If left unattended, this is a serious threat to the native snake fauna which might lead to local extirpation.

Moreover, habitat loss and degradation has been another major threat to snake species in the region.

Save The Snakes aims at building capacity within the local communities through educational interventions in order to transform them into empowered citizen scientists who could eventually deal with human-snake interactions more effectively and also assist in their conservation.

Save The Snakes envisages reducing negative interactions between humans and snakes by implementing mitigation strategies which could eventually lead to peaceful coexistence.

Furthermore, it also aims at transforming few identified local people in each identified problem site across the region into “para-ecologists” who could continue the conservation activities in their respective villages irrespective of the project period or expiry. We wish to accomplish this by tapping their indigenous local knowledge of wildlife and properly training them in snake handling, rescue and field surveys to assess species distribution.

Through these efforts, Save The Snakes will protect King Cobras and many other snake species throughout the Eastern Ghats of India.

You can help Save The Snakes by donating, volunteering or spreading the word about our snake conservation efforts. Thanks for saving the snakes!