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Snakes for Kids Book

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Save The Snakes is proud to offer Snakes for Kids, a snake education book written by Michael Starkey, Founder & Executive Director of Save The Snakes.

Snakes for Kids: A Junior Scientist's Guide to Venom, Scales, and Life in the Wild

Take an amazing journey into the wonderful world of snakes―fangs, rattles, scales, and all. Snakes for Kids is filled with fascinating facts and wild photographs that will take you close up to serpents from around the globe! Dive into their habitats and life cycles and see how their relationships with other animals create balance in the food web and help keep ecosystems healthy.

Start by learning more about some of your favorite snakes―from the King Cobra to the massive Anaconda. Discover how they move, what they eat, why they shed their skin, and plenty of other cool details. You’ll also meet a few lesser-known snakes, like the strange family of blind snakes that tunnel underground. Learn everything there is to know about these mysterious reptiles and become an expert on our slithering friends.

Snakes for Kids includes:

  • So many snakes!―Check out all the interesting information on 45 different species.
  • Age-appropriate―The reading level is perfect for kids ages 5 to 9.
  • Colorful photos―Detailed pictures allow you to see what the snakes look like in the wild.

If you’ve been searching for a great kids book about snakes, look no further―this one has it all


“This is the perfect book to introduce kids to the fascinating world of snakes. Starkey does an excellent job explaining snake biology and natural history in a way that is sure to spark an interest in budding naturalists. Snakes for Kids is an important tool in the effort to overcome the misinformation and fear about snakes―and show the next generation what cool and important animals they actually are!” ―David Mizejewski, spokesperson for the National Wildlife Federation

“Scientifically accurate books for kids are a serious rarity, especially when it comes to snakes! Starkey's book is visually appealing, fun to read, and importantly factual; this book will capture the attention of a budding herpetologist or any child who simply wants to know more about these fascinating creatures.” ―Dr. Sara Ruane, herpetologist and evolutionary biologist at Rutgers University

“When I was a five-year-old nature nut, my mother bought me Boy’s Book of Snakes and I was truly hooked on serpents for life. Michael Starkey’s Snakes for Kids is perfect to introduce curious kids to the fascinating world of snakes. His self-confessed obsession with these beautiful and useful reptiles shines through very clearly.” ―Romulus Whitaker, author of Snakes of India

"Feared, hated, reviled, and usually killed on sight--that is often the fate of snakes. People need to be educated to drop the weapon and instead stand back and marvel at the sinuous beauty of the serpent in front of them--and understand how important snakes are to the ecology of the Earth. The best way to achieve this is to speak to the children, to inspire in them a fascination for these limbless reptiles. Snakes for Kids, by Michael Starkey, is the ideal introduction to the world of serpents for budding herpetologists. I remember the first snake books I owned when I was 10. I can still picture the snakes on every well-thumbed page. Fifty years from now someone will be writing the same about Snakes for Kids. I recommend this book wholeheartedly." Mark O'Shea herpetologist and television personality

"Snakes for Kids is a must-have for any young budding naturalist! When I was younger, I wish there was a book that spoke directly to me the way this book does! I fully believe that many young people will read this and be inspired to study and appreciate snakes." Tony Daly-Crews, executive director of The Rattlesnake Conservancy

"Snakes for Kids is a delightful, age-appropriate introduction to a complex subject. It is presented in a very easy to understand yet informative manner. Quite simply, it was a pleasure to read. A book that will be enjoyable and educational for snake-lovers of any age." Dr. Bryan Fry, toxicologist and author of Venom Doc

"Welcome to the wild and fascinating world of snakes! If you're interested in fostering your child's love and curiosity for snakes, Snakes for Kids is the perfect resource! Totally entertaining, yet jam-packed full of great information about our scaly friends, this book will undoubtedly become a favorite for any young naturalist!" Jennifer Moore, associate professor at Grand Valley State University

Grade level: 1 - 2
Reading level:
6 - 9 years
78 pages
7.9 x 0.5 x 8 inches

All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the international snake conservation efforts of Save The Snakes.

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