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Brian Stranko

Brian Stranko grew up exploring the lush forests, streams and ponds of Central Pennsylvania, searching out every amphibian and reptile he could find. While he enjoyed discovering any creature, snakes were his most cherished treasures. Through those childhood experiences, Brian gained a deep respect for all wildlife that he channeled to build a career in bringing business acumen and strategic direction to conservation organizations. He has an MBA from Georgetown University, graduate environmental policy training from the University of Maryland and a communications degree from Syracuse. For the past twelve years, he has worked as a program director for the Nature Conservancy. He also spent six years as the CEO of California Trout and worked in Washington, DC at National Geographic, the Millennium Institute and Trout Unlimited. He has a deep interest and experience in Africa, having visited and worked in thirteen different countries on the continent. He continues to provide pro bono consulting to small African wildlife organizations. He lives in Clayton, CA with his wife and three daughters who all love snakes.

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