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Rogier van Rossem

Rogier van Rossem was born in Tilburg, Holland. Being fascinated by reptiles and amphibians, his parents decided that Rogier could own one at the early age of six and his enthusiasm has grown ever since. From the age of 15 he got the chance to start working with these animals at exotic pet shop Kameleon (Tilburg). During the years, Rogier kept developing his animal husbandry skills through education and experience and is a strong advocate for animal rights and conservation goals. He now lives in Tilburg with his partner Ineke and their three children, Ocean, Darwin and Summer

Rogier began his professional life working with animals from a very young age, starting volunteering at the local animal shelter(s) from the age of twelve. He studied to become an animal husbandry professional as well as a veterinary assistant. He also studied dog behaviour and worked as an educational animal guide at “Safaripark Beekse Bergen”. At the age of seventeen he also started working as a veterinary assistant at animal hospital “Den Herd”. After a few years he made the decision to start working fulltime with reptiles and amphibians cause of his passion in this field. In 2005, he also started to give lectures and teaching courses on exotic animal behaviour and maintenance while pursuing various conservation goals. In 2007/ 2008, Rogier founded the Herpetofauna Foundation to further his ambitions in the field of conservation and education. From those years on he joined various advisory groups and worked on animal legislation and is frequently seen as lecturer on herpetological subjects.

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