Sebastian Hoefer

Sebastian Hoefer is a wildlife biologist with a particular interest in the behavioural ecology and conservation of reptiles and amphibians. He holds a BSc in biology from Freie Universität Berlin and conducted his thesis research in Australia comparing the cognitive abilities of different scincid lizards. 

Recently, Sebastian has been working at the Cape Eleuthera Institute investigating the use of animal-borne cameras and drones for sea turtle research and conservation in The Bahamas. Additionally, he developed a novel research project studying road mortality, population dynamics, diet and reproductive morphology of the different snake species found on Eleuthera. Unfortunately, there is a strong aversion towards snakes across The Bahamas which is why Sebastian started an education program involving the local communities to emphasise the value of snakes and promote a peaceful coexistence. Sebastian’s work on the research and conservation of snakes in the Bahamas was featured in BBC Wildlife Magazine in May 2020.

Furthermore, Sebastian is an avid wildlife photographer and recently founded a wildlife conservation initiative called “Taiapo” which focuses on visual arts to promote the conservation of our natural world. You can find out more about Sebastian’s research, conservation work and photography on his website or on Twitter (@taiapo_) or Instagram (@taiapo_).

Photos contributed by Sebastian Hoefer.