Tara is our Communications Coordinator at Save the Snakes. From Ireland, Tara was dinosaur obsessed as a child, and this fascination with the natural world has grown ever since. After taking a temporary summer job in Dublin Zoo’s Education Department, it became evident that she wanted to do pursue as a career working with animals. The zoo environment fostered a passion for conservation work, both in situ and ex situ, and Tara was inspired to pursue a career in zoo work.

Having studied animal management in Sparsholt College in the UK, Tara then took a position in Heathrow Animal Reception Centre as an animal attendant, caring for animals from all over the world. There was never a dull day in that office. This was also an opportunity to gain insight into some of the complexities of conservation work, having worked with CITES teams to protect endangered species. Opportunities to participate in working groups and workshops allowed Tara to develop an understanding of captive husbandry for a diverse array of species.

Moving back to Ireland, Tara worked as a zookeeper at the National Reptile Zoo in Ireland, helping to foster an appreciation for reptile species from all over the world to the general public. Tara took an active role in supporting conservation and fundraising projects.  Here, her interest in venomous species snowballed. Tara is now studying toxicology, with the hopes to participate in venom research further down the line.

Aside from academics and work life, travel is another passion of Tara’s, which more often than not are focused on observing the wildlife of the area.