Communications Coordinator Hiral Naik

Save The Snakes - Hiral Naik 550

Hiral Naik is a wildlife conservationist and researcher with a passion for reptiles and amphibians. She graduated with an MSc in Ecology and Conservation from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. Her research focused on the evolutionary ecology of diet in the snake family Lamprophiidae. Growing up in Zimbabwe, India and South Africa, Hiral spent much of a time outdoors, which ignited her love for the natural world. She has worked with a diversity of wildlife including zebra, lemurs, bats, snakes, lizards and frogs and some of her most treasured moments are those spent in the African bush with thriving wildlife. Hiral’s other passion is travel, which led her to work with amphibians in the cloud forest of Peru. She also works as a research developer and education mentor for Wild Serve, an NPC focusing on urban biodiversity conservation and is currently researching the effects of urban environments on snakes and other reptiles. Hiral hopes to combine her passion for wildlife and travel to communicate the importance of reptiles and amphibians across the world. When she isn’t sitting behind a computer working for conservation, she can be found herping, scuba-diving, doing photography or out on some adventure.