Save The Snakes Supports Snakebite Mitigation Efforts in Nepal

Save The Snakes is proud to announce our support of Kamal Devkota to reduce human-snake conflict in Nepal. Kamal Devkota is a snake expert, conservation biologist and board member at Nepal Toxinology Association. The project is titled “Save Snakes Save Nature: A Conservational Effort through Community Participation in Rupandehi district, Nepal.

Project Summary:
Most of the studies of snakes in Nepal are concentrated to analyze the annual snakebite incidences, morbidity, mortality and case fatality rate; mainly in the Terai region. This project will undertake an array of educational initiatives on snake conservation, targeted at the local and national levels which will have direct beneficial impact on more than 80 snake species in the country.To achieve the aims, one district level snake conservation workshop, 25 snake conservation awareness camps, four workshops in communities and four radio programs will be conducted. With support from Save The Snakes, Kamal and his team will establish a snake rescue centre and four snake information centres in the Rupandehi District. They plan to distribute snake tongs and train community members to rescue and relocate snakes. They will produce and distribute snake conservation related educational materials. This project will create conducive working environment among local people from different sectors to save snakes and to save nature directly and indirectly throughout the project using multitude of communication, education and public awareness tools. These initiatives may help to spread the knowledge on advantages of conservation of snakes to biodiversity which can play an important role in nature conservation.

Project Objectives and Goals:

  1. To find out status, diversity and distribution of snakes in Nepal
  2. To continue “Save Snakes Save Nature” campaign nationwide
  3. To establish snakebite management training and research centre
  4. Community awareness through participation to build capacity of local people
  5. To minimize human-snake conflict in community
  6. Awareness through media : Street Drama, Forum Theatre, Video Documentaries
  7. Article in Newspaper and Journals, Educational Materials, F.M. Radio, Television programs


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