Save The Snakes

Save The Snakes is dedicated exclusively to snake conservation and mitigating human-snake conflict. Our mission is to protect threatened snake populations around the world through habitat preservation, education and community outreach to create a harmonious relationship between humans and snakes.

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Save The Snakes works to reduce negative interactions between humans and snakes by implementing mitigation strategies which will lead to peaceful coexistence.

We educate communities about how to live in harmony with snakes, why snakes are important for ecosystems and how to treat snakebite.

We protect snake habitat, conduct research that supports snake conservation efforts and train citizens to become “para-ecologists”, who can solve human-snake conflict and assist in snake conservation efforts.

We accomplish our work by establishing trust with rural communities, providing solutions that decrease human-snake conflicts and utilizing indigenous local knowledge of wildlife.

While our conservation efforts are currently focused in India, we work globally to promote our mission.

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Save The Snakes is a Community-based Conservation Effort

Please donate today to help us continue our work. Save The Snakes depends on the assistance of snake-loving people like you to help fund our snake conservation efforts in India and around the world. We encourage you to set up monthly recurring donations, which help both you and Save The Snakes plan for the future. Thank you for your continued support.


Objective 1

Capacity building of local communities

Objective 2

Mitigation of human-snake conflict

Objective 3

Community-based conservation of snakes