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Bridging The Gap Between Snake Conservation and Human-Snake Conflict Mitigation: The Save The Snakes 2017-2022 Annual Report

In 2017, Save The Snakes was founded with a snake conservation vision.

We believed that if Save The Snakes could support wildlife conservationists to mitigate human-snake conflict in their own communities, then they could lay the groundwork to protect threatened snake populations in their part of the world.

For the last five years, we have seen that by empowering passionate and dedicated people to help humans and snakes peacefully coexist, our unique, community-based approach to snake conservation can save threatened snake species and reduce snakebite in the communities that need it the most.

Today I would like you to see what five years of snake conservation looks like.

It is an incredible honor and privilege to share the Save The Snakes 2017-2022 Annual Report with you.

This is an important milestone for our organization, and I am excited for you to see what Save The Snakes has accomplished.

Save The Snakes and our Conservation Partners have had great impact on the conservation of snakes around the world, including:

  • Our organization financially supported, provided technical guidance, and fueled the growth of 29 snake conservation projects in 18 countries;
  • Over 80,000 people in local communities around the world were provided with education opportunities by Save The Snakes and our Conservation Partners;
  • Thousands of snakes were safely rescued and relocated from human-snake conflict situations; and
  • With support from our donors and through the strength of our network, we raised nearly $280,000 for our local and international snake conservation programs.

There is so much more work to do, but I am so honored to share these snake conservation stories and successes with you in this moment.

If you have given to Save The Snakes this year, please know that we are incredibly grateful.

If you have yet to give and would like to help our snake conservation cause, please consider donating an amount that is meaningful to you.

On behalf of the Save The Snakes Leadership, our Team Members, and Conservation Partners, thank you for being a part of our global snake conservation movement.

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