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To accomplish successful, international snake conservation efforts on the ground, Save The Snakes relies on the expertise, dedication and passion of our Conservation Partners to protect snake populations and mitigate human-snake conflict. We support their in-situ snake conservation efforts and highlight their incredibly important work on a global platform.

Save The King: Protecting The World’s Most Iconic Venomous Snake Species In Nepal

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SOUTH AFRICA: Snake Education and Community Awareness Program (SECAP) in Hoedspruit​
BRAZIL: The countryman as a multiplier of ideas for snake conservation​
KENYA: Tackling Snakebites - Investing in the next generation of champions
GUATEMALA: Sneaking our way into human-snake coexistence in resilient communities in Guatemala
MALAYSIA: Assessing community perceptions and raising the profile of snakes through community education and outreach in a large natural wetland reserve
ECUADOR: Empowering communities to save rare snakes
KENYA: Towards the Conservation of Snakes and Reduction of Snake Human Conflict in Mwingi Area
CAMEROON: Awareness campaigns for enlightenment on the protection of snakes
NEPAL: Save Snakes Save Nature: A Conservational Effort through Community Participation in Rupandehi District​
COSTA RICA: Patterns in the spatio-temporal ecology of Crotalus simus (Serpentes: Viperidae)
KENYA: Creating awareness on snakes and snakebite management in Tharaka Nithi
MEXICO: Safe-handling & relocation course of Sonoran Desert snakes for the Comcáac community​
MEXICO: Art-and-science education program for the conservation of snake and reduction of the human-snake conflict in the locality of Catemaco, State of Veracruz
Two women holding a snake
BRAZIL: Saving the rare and endemic Bothrops sazimai
ARGENTINA: Why can we be friends: a snake’s conservation & education initiative in Argentinean Pampas
snake conservation colombia
COLOMBIA: Natural history and conservation of the critically endangered snake, Dendrophidion boshelli, Dunn 1944
ZAMBIA: Human-Snake Conflict Mitigation Efforts
COLOMBIA: An undiscovered Caribbean treasure - The story of the endemic snake of San Andres Island
TANZANIA: Saving People, Saving Snakes
ECUADOR: Bosque Protegido Privado Jardin de los sueños (Protecting the Forest Garden of Dreams)​
BOLIVIA: Human-snake conflict in the Bolivian Amazon: educating for coexistence
NEPAL: Protecting King Cobras
INDONESIA: Human-Snake Conflict Mitigation in Bogor
INDIA: Saving Lives of Snakebite Victims in Rural India

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Projects supported by Save The Snakes are made possible because of the generosity of compassionate people and organizations who are inspired and dedicated to protect threatened snake populations and mitigate human-snake conflict around the world. Please donate today to help us continue to fund important projects. Thank you for your support.

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