Snake Conservation Center

To better serve our community in Northern California, Save The Snakes has opened the Snake Conservation Center in Sacramento, California.

A Space For Snake Conservation, Education and Community Outreach

Founded in January 2022, the Snake Conservation Center (SCC) represents a truly unique opportunity for us to expand our local and international snake conservation efforts and serve as an educational resource for our community in Sacramento, California. The SCC will serve as a foundation from which to conduct our work and better serve our worldwide network of Conservation Partners. The SCC will also allow us to expand our regional snake education programs, drastically reduce human-rattlesnake conflict and address the snake conservation needs of threatened and endangered snake species in the Western United States.

Plus, the SCC will serve as a physical location for all things snake education! The SCC will display reptiles and amphibian species in beautiful enclosures and feature educational, interactive exhibits. Save The Snakes Biologists and Educators will offer workshops, learning programs for students and specialized training courses about California native flora and fauna.

Venomous Snake Training Program

Snakes To Schools Program

International Snake Conservation

Support The Snake Conservation Center

The snake conservation programs conducted at the Snake Conservation Center are made possible because of the generosity of compassionate people and organizations who are inspired and dedicated to protect threatened snake populations and mitigate human-snake conflict around the world. Please donate today to help us continue to fund our programs. Thank you for your support.

We look forward to connecting with you in-person at the SCC or online to spread our wildlife conservation message in your community!

The Snake Conservation Center is not open to the public. For inquiries about the Save The Snakes Snake Conservation Center, please email