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Logjam Supports Save The Snakes

Ready to stomp to save the snakes? If you’re not familiar with Logjam, this UK-based company is famous for their Prolog Stompers. These are compact electro-acoustic foot percussion instruments, which are used by guitarists and other performing musicians. These stompers do not only keep the beat, but they produce sound that has the same power and energy as any bass drum. Logjam has recently launched the Black Mamba Special Edition Prolog and has pledged to support the conservation efforts of Save The Snakes.

“We have chosen to support your charity because we have a love of snakes and wildlife and simply put, know that they are often misrepresented in media and by companies. Hence why our Mamba logo is specifically designed without the stereotypical hissing open fanged look.” – Logjam

logjam prolog

The black mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) is truly an amazing snake and is worth celebrating! It is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa, it is Africa’s longest venomous snake and it is one of the fastest snake species in the world! Although widely feared throughout its range, the black mamba generally prefers to avoid contact with humans. Logjam saw an opportunity to raise awareness for this beautiful reptile and to support global snake conservation efforts. Each time a Black Mamba Special Edition Prolog is sold, Logjam will donate £1 to Save The Snakes.

With Logjam’s generous support, we are working together to empower wildlife conservationists to conduct critically needed snake conservation efforts around the world. Thank you, Logjam!

Logjam 10 x 4 cm Transparent Background Gold & Black