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Women Champions Of Snakebite – Read Their Incredible Stories!

Today is International Snakebite Awareness Day! On this important day we highlight the incredible contributions from women who are tackling snakebite and human-snake conflict issues. Women around the world play an important role in snakebite and snake conservation and we at Save The Snakes recognize and support the work that they do.

The Women Champions of Snakebite project, in partnership with Health Action International, Global Snakebite Initiative, Minutes to Die Documentary and Lillian Lincoln Foundation, is the theme of the 3rd annual Snakebite Awareness Day. We are proud and honored that many incredible herpetologists from the Save The Snakes Network were featured in this project, including Save The Snakes Africa Program Manager Hiral Naik, Advisory Committee Members Anne Devan-Song, Dr. Jen Moore and Dr. Sara Ruane, and 2019 Support Grant Recipient Jane de Oliveira.

Learn more about these Women Champions of Snakebite, share their stories and give them the recognition they deserve. By sharing their stories, we hope people become inspired, especially women, around the world to pursue roles in herpetology and work with and/or for snakes.