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Snakey September Sticker Sale

Ready to show your love for snakes? Then check out what’s new in the Snake Store… stickers! Featuring your favorite venomous snakes, we now have amazing stickers of king cobras, western diamondback rattlesnakes, puff adders and more! Designed by wildlife artist Claire Spiller, these incredible snake stickers will turn heads and make people smile, all while supporting the snake conservation efforts of Save The Snakes.

For the month of September, use the coupon code “SNAKESAVERS” and save 10% off any item in the Save The Snakes store. Thank you for your support of our snake conservation efforts!

Learn more about the artist:
Claire Spiller is an illustrator, writer and amateur naturalist. She creates educational wildlife prints and zines as well as fantasy-infused comics exploring environmental themes. Her work seeks to teach people about valuing and respecting natural spaces, whether that’s dispelling the concept of ‘vermin’ or highlighting the impact of roads and light pollution on wildlife.


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