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5 Ways to Help Snakes This May

In the Northern Hemisphere the temperatures are increasing and that means one thing: Snakes are out and about!

Warm weather changes the activity patterns of snakes and they are seeking food, water, and even a mate! If you’re running on the trail, gardening at home or enjoying the great outdoors, chances are good that you may bump into a snake. Instead of fearing snakes, we can appreciate them in their natural habitat! Even better, our every day actions can actually help snakes.

Check out these 5 ways to help snakes this May:

1. Give Snakes a Brake & Slow Down While Driving

Around the world, increased vehicular traffic on roads is causing issues for wildlife. In the USA alone, 250 million cars and trucks traveling on roads kill unknown millions of animals a year. In 2010, the number of cars on the world’s roads surpassed one billion. This sheer number of vehicles on roads impact the structure of ecosystems, the dynamics of ecosystem function, and has direct effects on ecosystem components, including their species composition. As a result, snake populations are increasingly threatened by vehicular traffic. While driving, be sure to give snakes a brake, reduce your speed and pay attention for wildlife on and near roads.

2. Make Your Home & Yard Wildlife Friendly & Snake Safe

See a snake near or in your home? Don’t panic! Snakes make great neighbors! Most snakes are harmless and all snakes deserve our respect. However, for some that may fear snakes, finding a snake near your home can be an extremely unwanted experience. To keep your home snake safe, be sure to keep paths clear, cut grass short and remove debris that accumulates near your home. Examine your home, see a place a snake could get into? Close up cracks and other openings. If you find a snake, do not try and pick it up or kill it. Snakes are not aggressive, so watch it from a safe distance. If outside, after some time the snake will move off on its own. If inside and you do not feel comfortable removing it yourself safely, call your local snake rescuer for assistance. Check out these other ways to safely coexist with snakes.

3. Consume Less & Recycle More

Trash isn’t just ugly, it’s dangerous. Snakes, birds and other animals can trap their bodies in plastic. Trash pollutes everyone’s natural resources. So, a great way to minimize our effect on the environment is to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. Consuming less is an incredibly efficient way to protect the planet.

4. Share Your Excitement for Snakes & Wildlife

Motivate other people to read up on snake conservation issues, respect wildlife, and be serious about the protection of wildlife species and their habitat.

5. Support Snake Conservation Efforts

Save The Snakes depends on the compassion and dedication of individuals to support our snake conservation efforts around the world. Check out some of these ways you can get involved with our organization and support our work to save the snakes.

If you can afford to be generous to donate, please do. By making a donation to Save The Snakes, you’ll join us in our commitment to save snakes and empower communities to reduce human-snake conflict. Your gift will be put to immediate use to bolster many urgent conservation and education initiatives.

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