A Unique Way To Save The Snakes: The Sacramento Snake Festival

What makes wildlife conservation successful?


Save The Snakes relies on the support and trust of our community to successfully implement our snake conservation efforts. This is true for all of our programs across the globe!

In California, we aim to strengthen our relationship with our community in a unique way… Save The Snakes will host the first annual Sacramento Snake Festival!

Held on World Snake Day (July 16, 2022), the Sacramento Snake Festival (SnakeFest) celebrates our world’s most interesting and misunderstood animals. This free, family-friendly event promotes wildlife conservation, environmental stewardship and peaceful coexistence between humans and snakes. SnakeFest will open the doors of our Snake Conservation Center, introducing the mission and vision of Save The Snakes to the City of Sacramento and surrounding communities.

If you’re local to California or traveling to the area, please join us for our spectacular snake celebration!