Funding Guidelines for Grants

Before applying for a grant, please read the following:

We hope this list is useful to you as you prepare your application. Applications which do not meet these criteria will automatically be declined, so please take the time to ensure your application matches our guidelines.

The purpose of a Save The Snakes Support Grant is to empower passionate, committed people with an early-stage snake conservation vision. We fund individuals, small organizations and community groups that focus on community-based conservation strategies to protect threatened snake populations and mitigate human-snake conflict. You do not need to be a registered or established organization to apply. Preference will be given to applicants who apply for projects in Central and South America, West Africa and Southeast Asia that benefit snake populations listed as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Our Grants are designed to:

  1. Support passionate, committed individuals with a vision to protect threatened snake populations and to reduce human-snake conflict through education and community outreach. We support projects in their early stage of development and where a small amount of money will go a very long way.
  2. Support projects with direct costs, such as travel, educational materials, etc.
  3. Support projects with a clear target audience, and a compelling plan with measurable goals to reach and impact that target audience in a positive way.
  4. Support projects that do not expect to earn profit, or where any income will be used for a purely charitable effort or to further the impact of the project.
  5. Support individuals that accomplish their mission through community-based conservation strategies, while simultaneously envisioning a world where our society sustains increasingly healthy ecosystems, where the rights of all communities and wildlife species are respected, and where humans and snakes can live together in harmony.

We are unable to fund the following:

  1. We cannot support projects which directly conflict with our mission and values.
  2. We do not make grants to projects that involve ex-situ conservation programs, venom production or the harvest of snakes for food, leather, pets or medicine.
  3. We do not make grants to projects that have well established funding sources.
  4. We do not make grants to projects where the primary benefit is to the grantee or to any one individual.
  5. We will not fund the following specific costs:
    – Scholarships, training fees or travel fees for one person to attend a training
    – Computers, tablets, or other technology where the primary benefit is for one person, or where the project only needs the equipment for short term use
    – Food for events
    – Payments to the grantee or a member of the grantee’s family for their time or services
    – Items that are unethically or unsustainably sourced or intended for one time use, with preference given to programs that utilize recycled materials, or ecologically sound alternatives
    – Synthetic/chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and other similar products which are harmful to the environment and to those who use them

Successful Grant Recipients will be required to agree to the following conditions:

  1. Information gained from the project must be made available to the public.
  2. Save The Snakes must receive a summary or final report by October 1st, 2023, but more updates are graciously appreciated. This will include a summary of project objectives or methods used, conclusions, recommendations, and a statement of expenses. This summary will also include video, photos, or other media which Save The Snakes may use to highlight its conservation efforts via electronic and printed media.
  3. Save The Snakes will be acknowledged as a sponsor in any electronic and printed materials produced as a result of the project.
  4. Project Leader will be required to agree to the above conditions and sign a Code of Conduct.

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Questions? Please email Thank you for your dedicated efforts to protect snakes and mitigate human-snake conflict.

Make The Difference For Our Snake Saving Grantees

Save The Snakes Support Grants are made possible because of the generosity of compassionate people who are inspired and dedicated to protect threatened snake populations and mitigate human-snake conflict around the world. Your charitable, tax-deductible donation, makes initiatives like the Support Grant possible. Please donate today and thank you for your support of Save The Snakes.

Featured photo provided by Jory van Thiel.