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Adrienne George


Adrienne’s lifelong love of reptiles, amphibians, and dinosaurs began as a child while adventuring in her grandparents’ Californian backyard. Their cement pond was home to a large colony of treefrogs and attracted a variety of amphibians, lizards, insects, birds, and mammals. During the day she would catch lizards; at night she was lulled to sleep by a chorus of frogs. Adult life took her in a different direction for a while. However, watching the amazement of nature through her daughter’s eyes brought her passion back. Now she uses her love of nature to spread knowledge, awareness, and respect as both a docent at the Sacramento Zoo and as the California Education Programs Coordinator for Save The Snakes. Adrienne is also a Save The Snakes Venomous Handling Course Assistant Instructor and maintains our organization’s collection of venomous and nonvenomous snakes.

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