At Save The Snakes we recognise the role that women play in conservation, everything from snakebite and snake conservation to creating awareness about snakes, and we support their incredible work. We hope to inspire women around the world by highlighting the conservation efforts of some of these women.

Priyanka Kadam

Priyanka Kadam is the President and Founder of Snakebite Healing & Education Society (SHE-India), an organisation based in India that was founded to address snakebite and snakebite related issues in India.
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Maiike Romijn

The first step in tackling snakebite related issues is to start talking about it. That is exactly why Maaike Romijn decided to host the Snakebite, From Science to Society Conference in the Netherlands in 2018.
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Dr. Sara Ruane

Currently an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University-Newark, Sara Ruane gives us an insight into her work with snake systematics, the importance of snakes in our ecosystems and her love for these remarkable animals. Continue reading “Dr. Sara Ruane”

Dr. Jennifer Moore

Combining research and conservation is a crucial step to saving species. Jennifer Moore, Associate professor at Grand Valley State University is working with her students to conserve countless amazing reptiles.
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Melissa Amarello

Educating communities about snakes and the importance of snakes can really go a long way in reducing the fear of snakes and the unnecessary killings of snakes. That is exactly what Melissa is doing.
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