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“Save Snakes Save Nature” stall for snake conservation awareness at Nawalpur fair

Kamal Devkota has been doing incredible snake awareness work in Nepal and they recently had their first educational fair for 2019, which was held in Kawasoti, Nawalpur, Nepal. The educational fair was organized by the Nawalpur Media and Research Pvt. Ltd. from 31 May – 1 June 2019. There were atleast 25 stalls at the fair which were dedicated to creating awareness to students from various academic backgrounds. Thousands of visitors were interested in Kamal’s stall as they were shown museum specimens of venomous and non-venomous snakes. Their team also shared their knowledge on different characteristics of snakes and snakebites, snake species in Nepal, first aid treatments and clinical sign and symptoms of snakebites, preventive measures from snakebite, the importance and conservation of snakes, misconceptions of snakes and snakebites in Nepal and epidemiology of snakebite in Nepal.

The team distributed brochures, posters, pamphlets, NTA bulletins and health bulletins to the visitors and also showed a few educational documentaries to them. The museum specimens of the snakes and educational documentaries were the main attraction of the fair. Dr. Chhabilal Thapa, President of Nepal Toxinology Association (NTA) and “Save Snakes Save Nature” campaigner and Conservation Biologist, Mr. Kamal Devkota, led the educational awareness programs. The team was interviewed by Nawalpur F.M. 104.7 Mhz and the interview was broadcasted from their official Facebook page. A snake conservation awareness program, at this type of educational fair and at other exhibitions, play a vital role in creating awareness on a large scale. This may also help to change people’s perceptions towards snakes and assist in reducing human-snake conflict in communities. Thanks to Kaligandaki Hospital in Kawasoti who supported the Nepal Toxinology Association (NTA) for this educational awareness program by sponsoring the stall at the educational fair 2019.

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