Here Is A look At What Save The Snakes Achieved In 2021

In 2021, Save The Snakes continued our mission to protect snake populations around the world through education and community outreach to create a harmonious relationship between humans and snakes. Our organization supported incredibly important snake conservation and human-snake conflict mitigation efforts in the following ways:

  • Save The Snakes provided wildlife conservationists with seed funding to protect critically endangered vipers in Brazil and threatened king cobras in Nepal;
  • Save The Snakes awarded three Support Grants to projects in Guatemala, Kenya, and Tanzania;
  • Save The Snakes launched two human-snake conflict mitigation projects in South Africa and Zambia;
  • Save The Snakes founded the Snake Conservation Center in Sacramento, California.

Thanks to the generosity of so many dedicated supporters, Save The Snakes has awarded critically needed funding to a total of 23 snake conservation or human-snake conflict mitigation projects in 16 countries. We look forward to expanding our organization’s efforts into 2022!

Here is a look at what Save The Snakes achieved in 2021:

BRAZIL: Saving The Rare And Endemic Island Viper

The critically endangered and endemic viper, Bothrops sazimai, can only be found on one island off the coast of Brazil. Threatened by persecution from humans, Save The Snakes Conservation Partner Jane de Oliveira and her team at Convivendo Com Serpentes are working tirelessly to save this snake species from extinction. Save The Snakes was able to provide Jane and her team with seed funding to conduct surveys for the snake and to conduct educational programs in support of this imperiled viper. Additionally, they have received funding from The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund to continue their important snake conservation program.

NEPAL: Protecting Threatened King Cobras

Save The Snakes Conservation Partner Kamal Devkota has implemented the Save The King initiative to protect and research threatened king cobra populations in Nepal. Save The Snakes is proud to support his efforts to protect threatened king cobras and prevent snakebite in the region. More exciting news about this important project will be announced in 2022!

GUATEMALA: Sneaking Our Way Into Human-Snake Coexistence In Resilient Communities

2021 Save The Snakes Support Grant recipient Rosa Roldán and her team’s project works to educate school children and adults in Guatemala to increase their knowledge of snakebite safety, snake ecology and snakes importance in the ecosystem

KENYA: Creating Awareness On Snakes And Snakebite Management In Tharaka Nithi

2021 Save The Snakes Support Grant recipient Atubwa Howard uses his knowledge of snakes to educate local community members about nonvenomous and venomous snakes around Mt. Kenya, where endangered Mt. Kenya bush vipers still cling to survival.

TANZANIA: Saving People, Saving Snakes

2021 Save The Snakes Support Grant recipient Mirthe Aarts, Dr. Monica Bond, and their team develop and distribute educational materials throughout rural Tanzania to teach school children about snake ecology and the challenges of living with snakes—including how to avoid conflicts and what to do when bitten.

SOUTH AFRICA: Snake Education And Community Awareness Program (SECAP) In Hoedspruit

In South Africa, Save The Snakes and the Hoedspruit Reptile Centre partnered together to form the Snake Education and Community Awareness Program – SECAP. SECAP aims to work in the Hoedspruit area to educate learners, community members and healthcare workers about snakes and snake safety. Be sure to follow their important work on social media and visit the program’s website here:

ZAMBIA: Mfuwe Snake Information Centre Is Founded

Save The Snakes and Helping Hands in Snake Safety partnered together to increase snake safety, meaning reducing the number of snakebites as well as reducing the number of snakes being killed in Zambia. To create a base for snake-related activities and accessibility to snake and snake safety information, the MFUWE SNAKE INFORMATION CENTRE was opened and a billboard erected along the Mfuwe main road. This centre was established and is run by Helping Hands in Snake Safety together with Save The Snakes.

CALIFORNIA: A Space For Snake Conservation, Education And Community Outreach

To better serve our community in Northern California, Save The Snakes opened the Snake Conservation Center (SCC) in Sacramento, California. The SCC represents a truly unique opportunity for our organization, which will greatly expand our local

and international snake conservation efforts. The SCC will serve as a foundation from which to conduct our work and better serve our worldwide network of Conservation Partners. The SCC will also allow us to expand our regional snake education programs, conduct our Venomous Snake Training Program, drastically reduce human-rattlesnake conflict and address the snake conservation needs of threatened and endangered snake species in the Western United States. Our Team even made the local news!

As a result of Save The Snakes and our dedicated Conservation Partners, thousands of people have received lifesaving information about snake awareness and snakebite first aid and countless snakes have been rescued and relocated from conflict situations.

These efforts have been made possible by a generous community of organizations, individuals and companies who believe in the mission and purpose of Save The Snakes. So, THANK YOU for your support, your dedication and your confidence in Save The Snakes and our Conservation Partners. With your help, Save The Snakes can continue our work to support even more snake conservationists, reduce snakebite deaths and protect vulnerable snake populations. We aim to increase our efforts in 2022!

Many of you have already given to Save The Snakes this Holiday Season and our Team is incredibly grateful. Please know that your annual gift to Save The Snakes will allow our organization to accomplish so much more for snakes in 2022. If you have yet to donate this year, we sincerely appreciate your contribution towards our work.

Happy New Year! 🐍