STS Speaks Out Against Racial Injustice

Save The Snakes envisions a world where our society sustains increasingly healthy ecosystems, where the rights of all communities and wildlife species are respected, and where humans and snakes can live together in harmony. Save The Snakes is an organization that works with diverse cultures and ethnicities across the globe. We recognize that respecting diversity in the communities where we work greatly advances the success of our conservation efforts to see that our mission to protect snakes is accomplished. The mission of Save The Snakes cannot be accomplished when the rights of some communities are trampled upon and disregarded.

Save The Snakes stands in solidarity against the systemic violence specifically experienced by Black and Brown people in the United States. Being silent in this moment is not an option. All of us need to demand justice, work for positive change and together end racism and inequality.

Furthermore, as a conservation organization based in the United States, it is critical that we recognize our role in making the space in Herpetology and snake conservation inclusive and safe. We are committed to listening and learning so that we are prepared to contribute to this positive change.

What can we do right now? 

  • Support and listen to the Black voices that are fighting for justice.
  • Educate yourself on the history of racism and the subtle ways racism is perpetuated today.
  • Learn how to be pro-actively anti-racist. 

Michael G. Starkey
Save The Snakes Founder & Executive Director