The Biophilia Group supports Snake Conservation

The Biophilia Group is an environmental consulting company that is committed to wildlife conservation. Based in California, the Biophilia Group offers a range of environmental and biological services to meet the needs of their clients. While specializing in herpetofauna, the Biophilia Group conducts special-status species surveys, research and habitat assessments for a variety of Californian wildlife. They have generously pledged to support the conservation efforts of Save The Snakes.


“Our mission is to achieve sustainable solutions for our clients and foster appreciation for the natural world around us. We believe that biological diversity not only enriches our lives, but is fundamental to the well-being of our species and the planet as a whole. For these reasons we are committed to preserving Earth’s biodiversity in any way that we can.” – Biophilia Group

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With the Biophilia Group’s generous support, we are working together to empower wildlife conservationists to conduct critically needed snake conservation efforts around the world. Thank you, Biophilia Group!