The 2021 Support Grant Recipients

Four years ago on this day, Save The Snakes was founded with a snake conservation vision. We believed that if Save The Snakes could support wildlife conservationists to mitigate human-snake conflict in their own communities, then they could lay the groundwork to protect threatened snake populations in their part of the world. To do this, we implemented the Save The Snakes Support Grant Program.

The purpose of a Save The Snakes Support Grant is to empower passionate, committed people with an early-stage snake conservation vision. We fund individuals, small organizations and community groups that focus on community-based conservation strategies to protect threatened snake populations and mitigate human-snake conflict.

In 2021, Save The Snakes received a large number of proposals for projects from around the world. We are proud to award Support Grants to four incredible snake conservationists: Rosa Roldán in Guatemala, Atubwa Howard in Kenya, Mirthe Aarts and Dr. Monica Bond in Tanzania. Congratulations!

Learn more about their important projects:

Rosa Roldán – “Sneaking our way into human-snake coexistence in resilient communities in Guatemala

Rosa and her team’s project involves educating school children and adults in Guatemala to increase their knowledge of snakebite safety, snake ecology and snakes importance in the ecosystem.

Atubwa Howard – “Creating awareness on snakes and snakebite management in Tharaka Nithi, Kenya

Atubwa aims to use his knowledge of snakes to educate local community members about nonvenomous and venomous snakes around Mt. Kenya, where endangered Mt. Kenya bush vipers still cling to survival. 

Mirthe Aarts and Dr. Monica Bond – “Saving People, Saving Snakes in Tanzania

Their team aims to develop and distribute educational materials throughout rural Tanzania to teach school children about snake ecology and the challenges of living with snakes—including how to avoid conflicts and what to do when bitten.

We wish these recipients success in their projects and support their efforts for snake conservation and education.

Make The Difference For Our Snake Saving Grantees

Since 2018, Save The Snakes has received over 100 grant proposals from dedicated individuals working on snake conservation or snakebite mitigation projects in over 30 countries. Of these important projects, we have been able to financially support 15 projects in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Tanzania and Zambia.

Save The Snakes Support Grants are made possible because of the generosity of compassionate people and organizations who are inspired and dedicated to protect threatened snake populations and mitigate human-snake conflict around the world. Your charitable, tax-deductible donation, makes initiatives like the Support Grants Program possible. Please donate today and we appreciate your support of Save The Snakes. We would like to send our most heartfelt thanks to the Georgia Reptile Society and Dustin Howland for supporting the 2021 Save The Snakes Support Grants Program. georgia reptile society, save the snakes