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Celebrating National Serpent Day with our snake educational video

Snakes play a crucial role in our ecosystems and to share this message, today on National Serpent Day we are excited to launch a video that showcases three important reasons why we need to live harmoniously with snakes. 

The aim of creating this video was to have a learning resource available to schools, community members and all members of the public to encourage them to appreciate snakes. This video is part of our Snake Education and Community Awareness Program (SECAP) in South Africa and we hope it contributes to portraying snakes in more positive light.

We are incredibly grateful to the talented Ashley Latimer for making this stop motion video. Check out her website at: and YouTube page at:

Below is a making-of video showing how Ashley made our stop motion video: 

We are always happy to collaborate to create important education content. Feel free to share our video far and wide!

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