Save The Snakes’ program in South Africa dedicated to snake education and conservation to mitigate human-snake conflict and it currently led by our Africa Program Manager, Hiral Naik. To create a local presence in Hoedspruit for our education and outreach projects, Save The Snakes and the Hoedspruit Reptile Centre have created the Snake Education and Community Awareness Program (SECAP). SECAP aims to work with learners, community members and healthcare workers to mitigate human-snake conflict and reduce the number of snakebites that occur in the Hoedspruit area.

There are currently 5 main projects:
• Schools Project: educating learners at schools in the area and create a positive attitude towards snakes.
• Communities Project: focuses on educating members of various rural communities in the area about snakes and conducting additional outreach projects to create valuable partnerships.
• Healthcare Worker’s Project: working with local hospitals and clinics to ensure healthcare workers are better equipped with dealing with snakebite.
• Antivenom Bank: providing antivenom to individuals or to hospitals and clinics when they have been bitten by a snake.
• Snake Relocation Training: working with identified leaders in rural communities to become snake handlers and learn to safely rescue and relocate snakes.

School’s Project

As the ball has started rolling, the next few weeks and months hold some exciting snake adventures for the team. Stay tuned for exciting updates from the SECAP team and show your support by visiting our Facebook page.

Support Save The Snakes Efforts in South Africa

Partial funding for this project has been received from an education grant from the International Herpetological Symposium and the Belton Mouras, Jr. and Dolores Ramirez Mouras Charitable Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation.

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