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One in Five Reptiles is Threatened with Extinction

After assessing over 10,000 reptile species around the world, scientists have concluded: Reptiles are in trouble. From habitat destruction to climate change, reptiles face many threats. This alarming new research indicates that one in five reptile species is threatened with extinction.

The unfortunate reality is that the conservation needs of most snakes and other reptile species are underfunded, remain poorly understood by researchers and garner little attention from society. Conservation action must be taken to protect imperiled reptile populations. There is good news: Save The Snakes and our Conservation Partners are working right now to save snakes across the globe!

Save The Snakes Conservation Partner Kamal Devkota engages his community to protect king cobras in Nepal.

To increase worldwide snake conservation efforts, Save The Snakes was founded to protect threatened snake populations and reduce direct conflicts between humans and snakes by implementing mitigation strategies which will lead to peaceful coexistence. By empowering and supporting snake conservationists to mitigate human-snake conflict, our unique, community-based approach to snake conservation can save threatened snake species and reduce snakebite in the communities that need it the most.

Help us continue our fight to protect snake populations and mitigate human-snake conflict. Donate or become a member today! Together we can make a significant difference in helping snakes and the communities that live with them. With your support, Save The Snakes and our Conservation Partners are not only protecting snake populations, but we will ensure that threatened snakes continue to survive and thrive.

Top photo: A king cobra female guards her nest. Photo provided by Kamal Devkota.

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