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Human-Snake Conflict Mitigation in Bogor, Indonesia

Through the Save The Snakes Support Grant Program, Save The Snakes supported Nathan Rusli in 2019 to increase awareness about snakes and reduce human-snake conflict in Bogor, Indonesia. Nathan has been operating an educational facility in Bogor (Ciliwung Herpetarium), Indonesia, which is free to the public and also serves as a temporary holding space for snakes which have been rescued from conflict, before being released into suitable habitat. Nathan and his team have also been conducting outreach regarding herpetofauna in general as well as snake conflict mitigation to local schools and communities in West Java. Whenever possible and necessary, they relocate snakes which have found themselves in conflict situations and are relocated.

Project Title:
Human-Snake Conflict Mitigation in Bogor, Indonesia

Project Summary and Aims and Objectives::

To reduce human-snake conflict and snakebite incidents, Nathan will visit local communities in the Bogor area, particularly rural areas that often experience conflict with snakes, to educate them on the importance of snakes, common snake species in the area and snakebite mitigation. They will also conduct snake relocation’s’ when necessary.


The goal of this project is to conduct pre and post questionnaires to assess changes in knowledge and attitude towards snakes as a result of the educational visit.

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Nathan’s project is a recipient of the 2019 Save The Snakes Support Grant Program. Save The Snakes Support Grants are made possible because of the generosity of compassionate people and organizations who are inspired and dedicated to protect threatened snake populations and mitigate human-snake conflict around the world. Please donate today to help us continue to fund projects like Nathan’s snake conservation project in Indonesia. Thank you for your support.

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