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Joel Wilson Memorial Fund for Snake Conservation

With support from the Wilson Family, Save The Snakes honors the memory of Joel Wilson through a fund for snake community outreach and education efforts in California. May Joel’s legacy serve as a gift for future generations to appreciate snakes and wildlife.

Joel Wilson grew up in Northern CA in a small town called Anderson. From a young age, he would run around catch kingsnakes and gopher snakes and bring them home to show the family. At the age of nine, he finally wore down his mother Barbara Wilson and got to pick out his first pet a Ball Python. Barbara loved and supported his passion for snakes throughout the years. He would continue to care for snakes and have them as pets for the rest of his life. He believed that snakes had beautiful souls and personalities and that they were crucial in the balance of the ecosystem.

Joel loved comedy and found joy in being mischievous with his siblings. One of his favorite things to do was to put his snakes on his sister and then tell her, “Don’t move…they can sense fear”. He would continue to play tricks and make his family smile. He was a gentle soul, with a kind heart and would have done anything to help his fellow humans.

Joel has passed away and in loving memory of his legacy, his family wants his name to live on through the snake conservation efforts of Save The Snakes.

May your wings find your adventure and mischief in the afterlife.

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