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Pacific States Grant Application

Thank you so much for your interest in applying for a Pacific States Grant from Save The Snakes. Our small grants enable individuals and organizations to conduct snake conservation efforts and mitigate human-snake conflict around the world. Before you take the time to fill out our application, please read our funding guidelines to make sure you and your project qualify for a grant from us. Projects must exactly fit our guidelines in order to be considered for funding. Please note that we can currently only accept applications written in English. Application Period: February 1st, 2023-August 31st, 2023. Typical funding amount: $500-$1,000 USD After you fill out the application, please email with the following information: – Your current resume (two pages maximum) – Itemized budget for proposed project – Three photos of yourself or that demonstrate your work Reference letters are highly encouraged and can be sent to Funding decisions will be announced on October 1st, 2023.

Before applying for a grant, please read the following:

We hope this list is useful to you as you prepare your application. Applications which do not meet these criteria will automatically be declined, so please take the time to ensure your application matches our guidelines. The purpose of a Save The Snakes Pacific States Grant is to support college students and independent researchers with an early-stage snake conservation research project in California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Baja California (Norte y Sur). The Pacific States Grants are designed to:
  1. Fund basic research (dietary, population studies, demography, habitat use) on little-studied Pacific U.S. special-status (heritage program listed; not state or federal T&E species), or snake species listed in Canada or Mexico. Examples could include but are not limited to: Sharp-tailed Snake (Contia tenuis) in British Columbia, Northern Pacific Rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus) in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Common Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) in Southern California, Santa Catalina Rattlesnake (Crotalus catalinensis) in the Gulf of California, and San Joaquin Coachwhip (Masticophis flagellum rudockii) in California’s Central Valley.
  2. Novel studies addressing human/snake conflict, including social science studies and polls of attitudes and effects of education on negative attitudes toward snakes.
  3. Study newly documented non-native snake populations. Studies determining the geographic size of the introduced range, size of population, habitat descriptions and habitat use, analysis of efficacy of eradication methods, dietary analysis, identification of source population and pathway would all be considered for funding.
  4. Emerging diseases and pathogens in wild populations (i.e., snake fungal disease). For example, systematic sampling (swabs) of snakes during other, unaffiliated research activities.
We are unable to fund the following:
  1. We cannot support projects which directly conflict with our mission and values.
  2. We do not make grants to projects where the primary benefit is to the grantee or to any one individual.
  3. We will not fund the following specific costs: – Scholarships, training fees or travel fees for one person to attend a training – Computers, tablets, or other technology where the primary benefit is for one person, or where the project only needs the equipment for short term use – Food for events – Payments to the grantee or a member of the grantee’s family for their time or services – Items that are unethically or unsustainably sourced or intended for one time use, with preference given to programs that utilize recycled materials, or ecologically sound alternatives – Synthetic/chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and other similar products which are harmful to the environment and to those who use them
Successful Grant Recipients will be required to agree to the following conditions:
  1. Information gained from the project must be made available to the public.
  2. Save The Snakes must receive a summary or final report by October 1st, 2024, but more updates are graciously appreciated. This will include a summary of project objectives or methods used, conclusions, recommendations, and a statement of expenses. This summary will also include video, photos, or other media which Save The Snakes may use to highlight its conservation efforts via electronic and printed media.
  3. Save The Snakes will be acknowledged as a sponsor in any electronic and printed materials produced as a result of the project.
  4. Project Leader will be required to agree to the above conditions and sign a Code of Conduct.
Questions? Please email Thank you for your dedicated efforts to protect snakes and mitigate human-snake conflict. Disclaimer: Save The Snakes reserves the right to withhold grants awarded based on available funds. Proposals are competitive and grants awarded will be selected by the Save The Snakes Grants Committee.

Make The Difference For Our Snake Saving Grantees

Save The Snakes Grants are made possible because of the generosity of compassionate people who are inspired and dedicated to protect threatened snake populations and mitigate human-snake conflict around the world. Your charitable, tax-deductible donation, makes initiatives like the Pacific States Grant possible. Please donate today and thank you for your support of Save The Snakes.

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