save the snakes murthy kantimahantiMurthy Kantimahanthi
Co-Founder and India Program Director
Visakhapatnam, India

Murthy Kantimahanti is a conservation biologist working on community-based conservation initiatives of endangered species in the Eastern Ghats hill ranges and coastal areas of South India.

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Michael G. Starkey
Co-Founder and Executive Director

Michael G. Starkey is a conservation biologist, ecological consultant and public speaker working to educate and involve the public in wildlife conservation issues.

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Save The Snakes - Hiral Naik 550Hiral Naik
Communications Coordinator
Johannesburg, South Africa

Hiral Naik is a conservation biologist, environmental educator and researcher who is passionate about herpetofauna and believes in the value of communicating their importance.

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Snake Rescue Team – India

In the Eastern Ghats of India, dedicated team members rescue and relocate snakes that have been found near or even inside people’s homes. Sometimes they relocates as many as ten snakes per week. Snake rescuers not only educate and empower communities about safe snake rescue and relocation, but they also teach snakebite first aid, snake ecology and conservation. Snake Rescuer’s Bala and Sarat are now part of a network of individuals who can immediately help Save The Snakes mitigate human-snake conflict in the Eastern Ghats.

snake rescue team india
Snake Rescuer Bala Raju
Snake Rescuer Sarat Chandra